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What Are Lash Extensions?

Eyelash Extensions are individual strands of synthetic fibers made to replicate a natural eyelash. When applied, eyelash extensions lengthen and thicken your own natural eyelashes. A single lash is applied to each individual eyelash, one by one. With proper application, lash extensions look and feel completely natural.

How long will it take to apply lash extensions and how is it done? 

The application process for lash extensions normally takes about 90-120 minutes for a full set of lashes and 60 minutes for a refill. You will lay comfortably on a massage table with your eyes closed. During application, your lower lashes will be covered and the extensions will be applied only to your upper lashes one at a time. 

How do I choose the look I want? 

Ally will consult with you to understand what type of style you are interested in and what look will work best with your natural lashes. The overall look of the lashes can range from very natural to very voluminous!

Do I have to do anything to prepare for the service? 

Yes! Please remove any eye makeup prior to your lash appointment. No caffeine before your lash appointment to avoid rapid eye movements. Also, lashes should not be permed or manually curled at the time of appointment.

How long will a new set of Lash Extensions last? 

When applied by a professional, eyelash extensions will last the length of the natural growth cycle of your own eyelashes. Depending on your activity and day-to-day routine, fills are required every 2 to 3 weeks to maintain fullness. Anything past 3 weeks is usually considered a full set due to the amount of lashes lost.

Can I apply mascara to Lash Extensions? 

Eyelash extensions are designed to give your natural lashes an improved look of fullness so mascara is not needed or recommended because it wears down the lashes causing premature fall out and damage to natural lashes. 

Can I swim, shower or exercise while wearing Lash Extensions? 

Ally suggests that you minimize the chance of wetting the extensions for the first 24 hours of wear. After that 24 hour period, the adhesive used to apply your eyelash extensions is secure enough to allow you to get right back to your routine. However, keeping away from extensive contact with steam such as in saunas or certain facials is recommended since it can begin to loosen the adhesives bond.

How soon can I wash my face after the extensions are applied? 

The suggested time frame is 24-48 hours. For a guest with sensitivities, it is suggested to wash within the first 12 hours of application. Of course, it is highly recommended that you only use an oil-free cleanser on your lashes. If you are unsure of what to use, Ally does sell Lash Cleansing kits in the studio.

How do I dry my lash extensions? 

After cleansing your eyelashes with an oil- free cleanser, close your eyes and pat the lashes dry with a lint-free cloth or towel. Do not brush your extensions until they are fully dried. Once dried, use a clean mascara wand to gently brush out the lashes.

How do I take care of my new eyelash extensions? 

  • Avoid getting lashes wet for the first 24-48 hours

  • Avoid hot steam or sauna

  • Do not perm eyelashes or manually curl

  • Do wash your lashes at least 2x daily with an oil-free cleanser 

  • Do brush with a clean mascara wand daily

What happens if I choose to have my eyelash extensions removed?

Ally does offer a service to have the extensions removed involving a short thirty-minute appointment.  Please do not attempt to remove the extensions yourself as damage to your natural lashes can occur.

If you have any questions or concerns not answered in the FAQ, please feel free to call or message.


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